County Clerk

  • Michael Jankowski, Wayne County Clerk
  • Juliet Brandt, Deputy County Clerk (DMV)
  • Michele DiSanto, Deputy County Clerk (Recording)
  • DMV
  • Records Center
  • County Clerk Records Search
  • 9 Pearl St.
  • PO Box 608
  • Lyons, NY 14489
  • 315-946-7470
  • County Clerk’s Office Open Office open 9AM to 5PM
    Recordings Window Closes at 4:30PM
  • 315-946-5978 (Fax)

Notice: Beginning November 1, 2013 the Office of the County Clerk will accept a single page hard copy of the 5217 Real Property Tax Filing. After December 31, 2013 the Triplicate 5217 form will no longer be accepted. Questions please contact (315) 946-7470 or email

All license and motor vehicle renewals can be done in person or forwarded to the address listed, Att: DMV.  When you renew through us, we keep a portion of the fee. If you renew through the State, they keep 100% of the fee. For further information, click on the DMV page.

Types of Services provided or records Recorded or Filed:

  • Land records (Deeds, Mortgages, Judgments, Liens, etc.)
  • Searching of records for genealogy (Genealogy Search Request)
  • Original Passport applications processed. For information and requirements visit:
  • Photos for Passports, Pistol Permits
  • Original Pistol Permit applications obtained from the Records Office of the Sheriff's Office - Questions? call 946 5790
  • Instruction for acquiring a pistol permit
  • Court records (Civil and Criminal)
  • UCC's
  • DBA's
  • Corporate Filings
  • Notary Public applications and study guides and services
  • Oaths of Office
  • Survey Maps
  • Veterans Discharges
  • Highway Maps sold
  • Old Naturalization records - from about 1836-1927
  • Old Marriage records - Some are confidential - from about 1907-1934
  • Old Census records - 1892, 1905, 1915, 1925 - There is no electronic index - check with County Historian
  • Grantor and Grantee indexes from 1794-1823 - From the County's we were formed from

Revised Fees as of 3/4/14